Production Art--City of Heroes

Concept art created for CITY of HEROES FREEDOM.

Visual exploration for hero, enemy, and player costume options created for the popular superhero-themed online game CITY OF HEROES.
Character exploration for a proposed CITY OF HEROES 2.
Character exploration for a proposed CITY OF HEROES 2.
Ice-themed costume set for players.
Fire/lava-themed costume set for players.
Celestial armor costume set for top-tier players.
Skeletal armor costume set for players.
Signature hero NPC concept.
Organic armor costume set for players.
Steampunk costume set design.
Steampunk costume set accessories.
Giant monster concept.
Arch-villain concept.
Arch-villain concept.
Black Knights enemy group design.
Signature anti-hero design.
Model sheet.
Arch-villain with feral powers.
Arch-villain with super-strength.
Arch-villain with super speed powers.
Model sheet for arch-villain.
Arch-villain with psychic powers.
Pose concepts for highres 3D modeller.
Resistance leader signature character.
Street thug enemy group.
Police and military drones.
Robot turret enemies.
MTX travel power.
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