Here're two in-depth, published tutorials I've created on the topic of digital painting techniques. First, a Steampunk-focused pinup tutorial from the pages of ADVANCED PHOTOSHOP MAGAZINE:
Cover art for Advanced Photoshop Magazine #126.

Available digitally HERE:
OR through iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc. HERE.

Finished art from the tutorial in Advanced Photoshop Magazine #129.  Step-by-step instructions and specific Photoshop callouts are detailed in the article.
Thumbnail sketches.
Next, here's a brand-new tutorial from PHOTOSHOP CREATIVEThis time it's Vampires + Steampunk:
Finished Steampunk/Vampire pinup from PHOTOSHOP CREATIVE Issue #137.
Available for purchase HERE:
And digitally HERE. 
Thumbnail sketches.
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