Character illustrations created for a squad-based MOBA game that was in development at Paragon Studios (makers of CITY OF HEROES).  Our theme was somewhat nostalgic and historical.
Soloria--Outlaw Gunfighter.  Would've likely been the 'face' of our game's marketing.
Lumpin--Troll Pitfighter.
Dr. Donovan Hale--Pulp Adventurer.
Obadyne--Steampunk Inventor.
Jordun--The Ranger.
Aldric--Deposed King of Fairies.
Blandine--The Mistletoe Queen.
Geirdis--Viking Survivor, armed with both Thor's legendary hammer, Mjolnir, and the cursed sword Tyrfing.
Geldussan, Blood Sorceress.
Vanderbilt--Steampunk Train Golem.
Hougan--Voodoo Priest.
Xochicoatl--Aztec Serpent Queen.
Maneki Neko--Lucky Cat Spirit.
Ideation for Maneki Neko.
Nahoko--Shadow Ninja.
Patience--Explosive Girl.
Taker--Undead Sovereign.
UI mockup for Character Selection screen.  We wanted to put each character in context with their world, with thematically appropriate borders and intaglio backgrounds.
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