Slapstick Cover Gallery

David nakayama slapstick 01 1000v

Issue 1 cover.

David nakayama slapstick 02 1000v

Issue 2 cover. He-Man parody.

David nakayama slapstick 03 1000v

Issue 3 cover. My Little Pony/Smurfs parody.

David nakayama slapstick 04 1000v

Issue 4 cover. G.I.Joe parody.

David nakayama slapstick 05 1000v

Issue 5 cover. Disney princess/Game of Thrones parody.

David nakayama slapstick 06 1000v

Issue 6 cover. 'Duck Amuck' parody.

Slapstick Cover Gallery

Complete gallery of covers I did for Marvel's recent Slapstick series, which ran 6 issues. The cool thing here is that the main character was a Looney Tunes-style cartoon character and fought his enemies with cartoon psychics and ultra-violence. Really fun script that was also notable for all its send-ups of popular cartoons (esp. 80s cartoons). So in Issue 2, you get a He-Man parody; Issue 3 is like Smurfs+My Little Pony; Issue 4 is G.I.Joe...if they were dogs; Issue 5 is Disney Princesses meets Game of Thrones.

Super fun read. Definitely recommend picking up the trade, and hey--you get some covers by me as well.