Ultimates Beach Party

David nakayama ultimates 04 1000v

All-New Ultimates No.4

David nakayama ultimates 03 1000v

All-New Ultimates No.3

David nakayama layouts 03 1000v

Layouts for No.3

David nakayama layouts 04 1000v

Layouts for No.4

Ultimates Beach Party

From the Marvel archives: 2 covers from All-New Ultimates No.3 (Taskmaster) and No.4 (beach party).

No.3: Since the character was pretty much unknown, was going for something super spare and graphic that would stand out on comic stands.
No.4: The story this issue focused on all the female members of the team going out for a beach day at Coney Island. Kind of had to be the cover, right? Again, trying something more graphic and experimental in the colors.