Avengers Academy Launch Key Art

David nakayama keyart final 1000w

Final key art

David nakayama aa sketches1 1000v

Rough compositional ideation

David nakayama aa sketches2 1000v

More ideation, with color block

David nakayama aa sketches3 1000v

Nailing down the visual gags

David nakayama aa sketches4 1000v

Drawing through

Avengers Academy Launch Key Art

AVENGERS ACADEMY (the hit mobile game about Marvel's premiere super-hero team as college-age students) is about to celebrate its 2nd anniversary, so it seemed like a good time to finally upload my original key art, and I've dug up a ton of never-before-seen sketch material as well, in case anyone is interested.

Given the unique conceit of the game, our main goals on the key art were to communicate youthful energy and fun while still keeping the characters instantly recognizable. We also wanted a somewhat 'mature' painted style (and NOT a cartoony or comic book-y style) to help players understand that this was a game for everybody, and certainly not just for kids.