Advanced Photoshop Magazine No.129

David nakayama avp 129

Final printed cover

David nakayama advanced photoshop 129 1000v

Raw cover artwork

Advanced Photoshop Magazine No.129

Steampunk cover art (and tutorial) that I did for ADVANCED PHOTOSHOP MAGAZINE a while back. Still a personal favorite image all this time later, so I'm delighted to FINALLY post it here.

3 months prior to making this art, I did a cover/feature article for APM Issue No. 126 about designing and illustrating in a comic book style. This time, the methodology was digital painting, and the subject matter was Steampunk, one of my very favorites. It all came together in one of the images I think I'm most proud of in my career to date. Hope you like it too. :)

Looks like the issue is still available here, if you want to read the tutorial:;jsessionid=C33F38EE2F62684BB6242FDC8A3D1D00.prd-main-news1?skuId=416323393&prnt=&categoryId=