Vapirella No.1 Cover

David nakayama vampi krs 1000v

Final Cover Art

David nakayama vampirella layouts 1000w


David nakayama photo1 1000v

Original watercolor painting

David nakayama photo2 1000v

close-up, original watercolor

Vapirella No.1 Cover

🦇VAMPIRELLA’s🦇 big relaunch is coming up, so here’s my contribution—an exclusive available ONLY through KRS Comics done in a vintage painted style reminiscent of the original Warren magazine where Vampi first premiered. Guys, I’ve been waiting to draw Vampirella basically my whole artistic life. My art heroes were drawing her as I was coming of age, so lots of love went into this.🙂🖤 Did this one a bit differently than normal. To help get that vintage look, I first painted this as a full-scale watercolor on paper. After this, I scanned it and brought it into Photoshop where I gave it a visual polish and added distress FX.