Official Playstation Magazine--UK Cover Art

David nakayama opm main cvr 1000v

Subscriber edition cover

David nakayama opm poster 1200v

Poster art

David nakayama opm plain cvr 1000v

Regular edition cover

David nakayama shadow 900v

Shadow of the Colossus detail

David nakayama spidey 900v

Spider-Man detail

David nakayama daysgone 900v

Days Gone detail

David nakayama ellie 900v

Last of Us Part 2 detail

David nakayama ghost 900v

Ghost of Tsushima detail

David nakayama goku 900v

Dragonball Z detail

David nakayama kara 900v

Detroit detail

David nakayama kratos 900v

God of War detail

David nakayama reddex 900v

Red Dead Redemption 2 detail

David nakayama raz 900v

Psychonauts detail

Official Playstation Magazine--UK Cover Art

Friends! The brand-new OFFICIAL PLAYSTATION MAGAZINE-UK sports a cover by yours truly with ALL the big games of 2018 on display! SPIDER-MAN PS4, LAST OF US Part 2, GOD OF WAR, DRAGON BALL, DAYS GONE, RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2, DETROIT—and more!!

The gods of freelance have smiled on me for sure and allowed me to draw all these guys for the first time ever. As if that wasn’t great enough, the issue also comes with a giant fold-out poster of the art. Could NOT be more excited about this one—thank you OPM UK! Big news in an already exceptional week. Grateful.