X-Men '92 Covers--3,4,5

David nakayama xmen92 03 1000v

Final Cover Art--No.3

David nakayama xmen92 04 900v

Final Cover Art--No.4

David nakayama xmen92 05 final 900v

Final Cover Art--No.5

David nakayama xmen92 04 cvr sketches


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X-Men '92 Covers--3,4,5

More from the archives: here’re my covers for X-MEN ‘92 No.s 3, 4 and 5. In No.3, the story goes full vampire. Was definitely channeling Castlevania there. Tried to do something iconic with a spare palette. Sort of accidentally painted Dracula’s face, which I guess is where I started to think about the painted style more, and by issue 9, 6 months after this, I ended up going fully toward paint. Hopefully that’s a good move that you guys actually like. Anecdotal evidence and general Likes say yes, but who knows, really? 🤔

In No.4, the team fights for the Darkhold in cyberspace, and in No.5, we see what's been going on with Cyclops and Jean all this time. Not making these two their own projects because there's no big iconic character, but they were interesting experiments and worth including here at least. Hope you enjoy!